1. What is the deposit? Why should I pay it and when I will have it back?

Whole purpose of a security deposit is for the landlord to repair anything the tenant left in dis-repair. If you owe back rent or you have damaged your apartment, your landlord may deduct those costs from your security deposit. if you owe him less, he must return all or part of your security deposit. Your landlord cannot keep your security deposit for “normal wear and tear”. Examples of “normal wear and tear” are a worn carpet, chipped paint, worn finish on a wood floor, and faded or dingy paint. The landlord can deduct the cost of fixing damages which are beyond “normal wear and tear”. Examples of these damages are kid’s crayon art on the walls, dirty walls, broken windows, holes in the walls, or leaving trash or other items that have to be thrown away. If you made the apartment so dirty that it is unhealthy or unsafe, the landlord can deduct for the cost of making it habitable again. He cannot charge you for the repairs if you or your guests did not cause the damage. A deposit shall be returned to the Lessee on the last day of lease after paying all the bills, cleaning the room and taking all belongings from the flat.

Can I deduct my deposit from my last rent payment?

Unfortunately not as the rent and deposit are quite separate. The final installment of rent is payable as per the terms of the contract.

When should I pay the deposit?

You should pay the deposit at the time of signing the Contract.

2. How the utilities are measured and calculated? When should I pay for it?

Electricity, Gas,Water charges are based upon the amount of Electricity, Gas,Water that you use. This is recorded by your water Electricity, Gas,Water submeters. Submeters tell the landlord exactly how much energy tenants uses in the flat. The landlord can bill each flat for its own consumption. Sub-meters help landlords to fairly and accurately divide the costs among their tenants. Sub-meters also allow tenants to pay for the energy they actually use and to benefit from their own energy conservation efforts. Utility bills should be paid until 10 th of each mont

3. What furniture comes with my room? (Is there in my room any bed, wardrobe, bookcase and desk?)

Each student is provided the following:

  • A single bed frame, a mattress and one pillow.
  • Bookcase or built-in bookshelves
  • Bureau/chest of drawers
  • Desk and desk chair
  • Lighting – rooms have general room lighting,and desk lamp Wastepaper basket (1 per resident) and recycle bucket (1 per room)
  • All windows have pull shades, horizontal or vertical shades

Who is responsible for changing light bulbs in my property?

This is the tenant’s responsibility and you should make sure all light bulbs are working when you leave the property.

4. Can I decorate my room?

It may be possible for you to decorate certain rooms in houses. It is critical that you get written permission from the Landlord first.

5. Can I smoke in my room?

Smoking: shall not be permitted in the rental unit at any time.

6. What happens if I decideto move out from the flat earlier than established (as specified in the contract) ?

This procedure must be followed in all cases of early termination by students:Both parties may terminate this lease agreement unilaterally for 30 calendar days following the date it enters into force, by signing a one-month notice of termination. In case of unilateral termination of the lease agreement, one month’s rent will be paid as compensation for the damages. The notice period starts on the first day of the calendar month following the written notice.

In the following cases, the lessee is allowed to terminate the lease without having to pay damages:

If one month’s notice is given via a written letter in case of:

  • early termination of the studies, as confirmed by a ‘proof of deregistration’ from the educational institute.
  • death of one of the parents.
  • If one month’s notice is given, the lease agreement may be terminated before 30 day period if a new lessee can be found, who is expressly accepted by the lessor.

7. Do I have to keep my flat clean?

You are responsible for the day to day cleaning of your bedroom/ensuite bathroom and jointly with your flatmates for the lounge/kitchen and corridor areas within your flat.

8. What should I do when I realize something is broken in my room?

In the day of your move in we check together all flat and your room.If something is broken, we write it in the part of contract called “Protocol of received”. If you broke something during your stay you have to pay for it (in the flat there are written all the prices).It is only fair that those who damage property, or create a serious nuisance, either through malicious or irresponsible acts, should expect to pay for their misdeeds. Serious or persistent damage is not only a disciplinary offence, it may also lead to your accommodation agreement being terminated. Damage is considered to be any deterioration of the residence which is over and above normal ‘fair wear and tear’. Some damage can be easily identified e.g. broken items, but others are less obvious, for instance cigarette burns in carpets. Charges are made for damage as there is no allowance in the accommodation charges for any damage to the accommodation, accidental or otherwise. Damage should be reported immediately to the Landlord, who will arrange for the repair. The costs will be passed to those responsible. All Students living in the flat are equal responsible for any damage that occurs in their room and in shared areas of a flat (unless caused by an insured risk, in which case they may still be liable to pay a contribution towards the cost).

9. Can I organize parties in the flat?

The Tenant is not to have any parties, or groups of 1 or more people per Tenant gathering within or around the premises without prior consent of the Landlord. The Landlord reserves the right to have any and all guests removed from the Premises at any time if called to the Premises.

10. Can I change the lock of my room?

No, this is not permitted, in case you loose your key or in cases of emergency the resident manager must have master copy of all room keys.

11. Insurance:

La résidence doesn’t cover you nor your belonging’s
please make sure you got your proper insurance

What if i change my mind and want to cancel my reservation?

If you wish to cancel your reservation after you have sent us your reservation fee no deposit refund will be made.

Do i need insurance?

You will need to purchase insurance to cover your personal possessions for theft, loss or damage within the building. We do not accept any claims for damage to possessions within the building however caused.

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