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Dearest ! With big steps holidays’ re coming! We are thankfull for good semester and for friendly atmosphere in Labo. Now is time to start LABOsummerRooms 2013 EDITION what does…

The Podgórze district is the home of mysterious prehistoric earthworks, ancient buildings and sites known from ‘Schindler’s List’ as well as beautiful landscaped parks and unique nature reserves. The area…

10.05.2011 | Our Pretty City: ZOO

All of us like animals! Laborooms recommends visiting our Kraków ZOO. Why is so pecial?

Laborooms recommended season of sights seeing

Soon on our website and also at Facebook page you will have oportunity to get to know amazing, interesting places in Kraków, which you will never find in guidebooks.

The exhibition will be the eighth presentation of graphic artworks from the Print Room in the Scientific Library of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences in Krakow at the…

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